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Inspiration from the Desert: How Dr. Roger Greenberg Lives a BeActive Lifestyle in retirement

Dr. Roger Greenberg retired from Advanced Ortho at the end of 2016, but that doesn’t mean that his schedule is any less active. After spending more than 38 years helping hundreds of patients be more active, he and wife Diane lead an incredibly active life splitting their time between Denver and California’s Coachella Valley desert.

The couple’s schedule routinely starts at 6 am with a walk for Corzo and Skosh, their two Portugese water dogs, the family’s fourth and fifth of this breed over the years.

Twice a week they head to Pilates and other days they go to the gym to work out. And then there’s the golf. As a longtime golfer, Dr. Greenberg is a committed student of the game who practices or plays 4-5 days a week. As if 18 holes on a regular basis weren’t enough, he and Diane ride their bikes – eight miles round trip – to the course at least a couple of day per week as well.

All this happens on top of the couple’s active role in their community and Dr. Greenberg’s part time work reviewing orthopedic diagnoses for the social security administration. (Did we mention they’re “retired”?)

In addition to its warm climate, the Coachella Valley is known for its lively music and arts community and a remarkable desert ecosystem – all of which the couple celebrate and advocate for.

The Greenbergs are “Friends of the Desert Mountains” a local organization whose mission is to preserve land, support education, conservation and research in the Coachella Valley. “We’ve really enjoyed gaining an understanding of plant and animal life in the desert,” said Dr. Greenberg.

The couple has also participated in several University of California Riverside lectures on wildlife, including a recent series about big horn sheep migration patterns, some of which they’ve personally witnessed as the sheep have appeared on the fairway during more than one golf outing. “We had to work a bit harder to see scorpions,” says Greenberg, referring to a recent moonlit hike they took at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains. “Scorpions naturally have a blue-green glow when exposed to UV or black light, and we were able to observe them at night using black lights.”

The Greenbergs often attend and host guests for the areas’ three major art festivals and the Coachella Valley Music Festival, the latter of which they attend with one of their two daughters, who works in the music industry.

While Dr. Greenberg loves his active life in California, he also misses the camaraderie of the Advanced Orthopedic group and seeing long-time patients. “I love staying in touch with the team and the practice,” he says. “And they’ve been very inclusive, keeping me up-to-date with the growth of the practice and what’s going on in their lives.”

And the feeling is mutual. The team in Denver never ceases to be impressed by the Greenberg’s latest adventures and activities – a family that truly lives the BeActive life. We’re inspired and hope you are too! Whether you balance work and play to find time to be active, or are busy in retirement like the Greenbergs, make sure physical activity is key part of your schedule. Have a great story about how you stay active? Get in touch.


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