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Make Knee Pain A Thing Of The Past In Colorado

Knee pain afflicts millions of people of all ages every day, often making it unbearable to get through everyday activities like walking upstairs or sitting in a chair.

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. It is a hinge joint that sits between the thigh and the lower leg and functions the same as a hinge on a door would. This joint allows the legs to bend and straighten, which is necessary for walking, going up and down stairs, going from sitting to standing, running, and jumping.

Because of its complexity, there are many different sources of knee pain, including overuse injuries, fractures, dislocations, ligament damage, and tendon tears, along with medical conditions including arthritis, gout, and infections.

Common overuse injuries like runner’s knee contribute to knee pain for a wide variety of people – not just runners or athletes, while jumper’s knee is common among athletes whose sports require rapid jumping or stopping from high speed and is more common in male athletes than in women.

While not all knee pain is serious, some knee injuries and medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis, do not heal on their own and can lead to increasing pain, joint damage, and serious disability if left untreated. The first course of treatment would be the most conservative and least invasive involving rest, ice, and, if necessary, pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Knee injuries can be incredibly disruptive to daily life. Advanced Orthopedic’s highly trained surgeons and physicians are backed by a supportive team of administrative and clinical professionals who take a personalized, focused, and comprehensive approach to your orthopedic health.

Part of a diverse and dedicated team of orthopedic specialists and staff, the orthopedic surgeons and doctors at Advanced Ortho who specialize in conditions of the knee provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions to alleviate knee pain.

From scheduling and imaging, to physical therapy and more, we are committed to providing the best experience and outcomes for each patient. Our offices are conveniently located across the front range. Find the provider that fits your needs and schedule an appointment today.

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