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Is It Time To Put Some Swim In Your Life?

Coloradans continue to be captivated by Franklin Fever as Centennial’s own Missy Franklin has made swimming waves from London to this week’s final‬ world championships‬.

But beyond the local pride and admiration of ability and medal count, do you truly appreciate the value of swimming in your daily exercise and training routine? Temperatures average 87 degrees in Colorado in July and August (but let’s be honest, we hope it’s only 87 degrees!), so there’s no better time to cool off and hit the pool.

Swimming can have an extraordinary impact on your health. Its unique blend of high cardiovascular results and its minimal impact on your body’s joints puts swimming atop the exercise podium for active athletes of all ages and abilities. Why is swimming such a great way to Be Active? Here are five benefits to consider:

1.     Variety is the spice of life: Not only is swimming a great change from walking, running or biking, but swimming also offers its own variety of how, how fast, and how long you spice up your aerobic activity. From leisure and beginner-friendly back strokes and side strokes to the challenge of butterfly, freestyle or medley, swimming offers something for everyone.

2.     Have a heart: Did you know that in addition to being one of the top cardiovascular exercises, swimming can boost your endurance, reduce your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol? Now there’s a clean sweep of fitness awards!

3.     Get beach body fit: It’s not just about cardio…swimming is also a great muscle toner and can help define your beach body – arms, legs, back, chest, and stomach.

4.     Just add water: You sweat when you exercise – even in the pool – so don’t forget to hydrate. Keep your water bottle handy and take breaks if you plan to be in the water for a long time.

5.     Swimming is for everyone. It’s a great activity for all ages, especially those with arthritis and people recovering from injury or surgery. According to Web MD, water “cushions stiff joints or fragile bones that might be injured by the impact of land exercises. When immersed to the waist, your body bears just 50 percent of its weight; immersed to the chest, it’s 25-35 percent; and to the neck, 10 percent.”

So make a splash this month and be active in the water.


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