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Party-Ready? Your head-to-toe guide to this year’s holiday celebrations.

Last year, many of us celebrated low-key holidays in our sweats and PJs, but this year, more people are gearing up for a season of festive – if still socially distanced – events. That means doing many things we haven’t done in a while. With the holidays upon us, are you party-ready from head to toe? Whether you are going to a holiday party or hosting one, there are a few tips to keep you on top of your game and take a healthy approach to the holiday season.

Keep a Clear Head

Hydration is important year-round, but as temperatures fall, we tend to drink less water, especially during party season. When we drink more alcohol and eat rich holiday foods that are high in sodium, we’re at higher risk of dehydration. Keeping a water bottle handy and drinking water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and better prepared for holiday festivities.

Have a Sound Back (up) Plan

Holiday snowfall leads to sidewalk shoveling which is not only a pain in your schedule but can also be a pain in your back. Legs play a vital role in lifting heavy snow so it’s important to attack the wintry weather with a proper plan. As you keep the paths clear for your guests, remember to use proper shoveling form to reduce the strain on your spine and make sure you don’t overdo it.

Whether it’s outdoor work or indoor activity, a focus on spine safety is a great gift to yourself and helps you shoulder the load of a busy holiday season. Standing in long event lines, hunching over while shopping online, and wrapping gifts can all strain the spine. Proper posture is a gift to your body during a busy holiday season.

Play it Safe

Bone fractures are an unintended part of holiday celebrations. Hanging holiday lights can lead to reaching just a bit further than is safe and suddenly, you’re off your ladder and into the emergency room tending to a broken bone. Winter also brings changing temperatures that can create treacherous footing which leaves us vulnerable to fractures. Many wrist fractures are the direct result of an outstretched hand bracing a fall on unseen ice or slick surfaces.

Busy Hands, Numb Hands?

You’ve made it through Cyber Monday but chances are your mobile phone is still getting a lot of your time these days. If you’re noticing pain or tingling in your hands or wrists, you might be spending too much time on your phone or laptop. Try to step away from all your devices several times per day if possible.

Steady Feet are Happy Feet

Holiday parties also mean a lot of time on your feet. Whether it’s preparing meals or long periods of standing at parties, the holiday season puts strain on your feet. If you can’t wait to wear your favorite dress shoes for the first time in many months, at least minimize your foot strain the rest of the day.

Wear more supportive footwear when you’re on your feet doing prep work, or running around town taking care of holiday shopping. Holiday high heels and long hours standing or dancing can strain ankles, calves, toes. Festive footwear can also put you at risk on slippery winter sidewalks. Give your feet the break by sitting during holiday events when possible and avoiding icy sidewalks or bringing a change of shoes for the road. Taking care of your feet will keep you in the holiday spirit this season.

There is plenty to be thankful for and many reasons to celebrate, so use these head-to-toe holiday tips to be party-ready this holiday season. Happy holidays from the team at Advanced Orthopedics Sports Medicine Specialists!


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