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Knee arthritis patients who have exhausted non-surgical treatment for knee pain have a relatively new option to delay total knee replacement. It’s called MAKOplasty – a minimally invasive, computer navigated, and robotic-assisted approach to partial knee-resurfacing. Active adults whose arthritis has not advanced to all three knee compartments, and have an otherwise healthy knee, are often good candidates for the procedure.

First performed in Colorado for HealthONE by Advanced Orthopedic Dr. Harold Hunt at Sky Ridge Medical Center in South Denver, MAKOplasty is changing how patients recover from knee surgery. Post-operatively, these patients have better function and a much shorter recovery than typical total knee replacement patients. He has performed more than a hundred successful procedures, and patients are often able to begin walking on the day of surgery and return to normal activities within a few weeks.

How it Works:

After determining that patients are appropriate candidates, patients receive a pre-operative CT scan, during which a 3-dimensional model of the knee is created. This computer model allows for precise selection and positioning of the implants.

During surgery, a small incision is made over the knee, and, along with computerized surgical navigation, robotic arm technology is paired with the 3-D visualization of the knee to guide the surgeon in resurfacing the damaged area and precisely positioning the implants. The technology’s precision allows as much healthy bone, ligament, and soft tissue to be saved as possible.

MAKOplasty doesn’t eliminate the potential future need for a more complete knee replacement procedure but can delay these more invasive surgeries for as much as a decade or more.

Is it right for you?

You should always talk to your doctor to exhaust non-surgical options before considering surgery. If surgery is under consideration, MAKOplasty could be a solution for you if you:

  • Have isolated osteoarthritis in only one or two knee compartments
  • Persistent or worsening knee pain despite non-surgical treatments
  • Both cruciate ligaments are intact
  • Can fully straighten your leg
  • Have less than 15 degrees of leg curvature (bowlegged or knockkneed)

If you are unsure, book an appointment with Dr. Hunt is see if this type of surgery is right for you.


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